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Ideas conveyed in 4 lines or less

4-line Poetry
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This is a community for those of us who enjoy short poetry. Not because we have short attention spans or hate reading, but because we enjoy the broad range of emotions that can still be expressed even in brevity.

Poems posted here can be of any type at all dealing with any topic, but they must be four lines or less in length. Thus the community name :)

Rules and information
When posting poetry, in the TAGS field you should put your username/name/alias, so that anyone who likes your poetry can click the link and read some more of yours. This is not mandatory, but recommended.
Commenting on other people's work is highly encouraged,
greatly appreciated, may start a nice conversation, teach you a bit, or could open you up to new friends.
Constructive criticism is never bad
when done out of honestly wanting to help. Still, be careful not to say anything that could offend.
An exception to the 4-line rule
can be made if some of the lines are ridiculously short. In other words, if a longer than 4 line poem is posted up, it still should take the same amount of time to read as if it were a 4 line poem. The 4 line rule should be adhered to in most cases though, so only post up a longer poem if you're absolutely sure it would meet the requirement.

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